ArmorShield Plus

Proprietary, 7-mil polyethylene shrinkfilm, fully laminated to a 3oz non-woven polyester with the following advantages:

  • Stronger than conventional shrinkfilms
  • Reduces condensation from forming, which is a problem that often arises with all protective films during change in climates
  • Reduces surface abrasions and pads surface during transportation and / or storage
  • Reflects 70% / 80% of the heat generated by the shrink-wrapping process
  • Remains flexible. It will not crack or become brittle even in extreme temperatures ranging from -50° to +180°F
  • Can be sewn, taped, zipped, or strapped allowing pre-formed shrinkfilm kit manufacturing and fastener (shock cord, rope, or hook & loop) installation
  • Flexible in uses used for a variety of shipping (protective transportation cover) requirements, as well as any special storage needs
  • Contains NO hazardous VCIs
  • Recyclable in specific products
  • Reusable in some applications
  • Available in rolls 82" wide by 200 linear yards long (445 sq yards/roll)
  • Available are cover kits, bags, & custom covers, designed by our Engineering Department to meet your special requirements and applications

Visit our Photo Gallery to see a variety of AS+ applications.

Sizing and Price Information

Armorshield-Plusis priced by the linear yard and sold by the roll only. One linear yard is equal to 2.227 square yards.

Approx Lin. Yds.
Approx Sq. Yds.
200 linear yards/roll
445 sq yards/roll
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